I. Scope

These terms and conditions apply to hotel accommodation contracts, as well as to all other services and deliveries of the hotel provided to the guest, unless otherwise agreed in separate contracts.

Deviating conditions, even if they are contained in the General Terms and Conditions of the Guest or the Purchaser, shall not apply unless they have been expressly acknowledged in writing by the Hotel.

II. Contract

On a booking request from the guest, a hotel reception contract (hereinafter referred to as “contract”) will be concluded with the hotel’s confirmation of booking.

Contractors are the hotel and the guest. If a third party makes the booking for the guest, he is liable to the hotel as the purchaser together with the guest as joint debtor for all obligations under the contract, provided the hotel has a corresponding declaration from the customer. Irrespective of this, every purchaser is obliged to forward all relevant information, in particular these general terms and conditions, to the guest.

The subletting and re-letting of the provided rooms as well as their use for purposes other than accommodation require the prior written consent of the hotel.

III. Services, Prices, Payment

The hotel is obliged to keep the rooms booked by the guest available in accordance with these terms and conditions and to provide the agreed services.

The guest is obliged to pay the hotel’s applicable or agreed hotel prices for the room rental and the other services used. This also applies to services provided by the guest or the customer and expenses of the hotel towards third parties. The agreed prices are inclusive of the respective statutory sales tax. If the period between the conclusion of the contract and the arrival of the guest exceeds four months and if the statutory value added tax or any local taxes and duties increase after conclusion of the contract, the hotel reserves the right to increase the agreed prices by the amount by which the incurring sales tax or local taxes and charges.

The hotel may make its agreement to a reduction in the number of booked rooms, the hotel’s services or the length of stay of the guest, as desired by the guest after conclusion of the contract, dependent on the price of the room and / or the other services of the hotel Hotels increased.

Hotel bills are payable immediately upon receipt without deduction. The hotel may request the immediate payment of due claims from the guest at any time. The guest is in default at the latest if he does not pay within 14 days of the due date and receipt of an invoice; this applies to a guest who is a consumer, only if these consequences are specifically indicated in the invoice. In the event of late payment, the hotel is entitled to charge default interest to consumers at a rate of 5 percentage points above the base rate. In business transactions, the default interest rate is 8 percentage points above the base rate. The hotel reserves the right to assert a higher damage.

The hotel is entitled to demand a reasonable advance payment or guarantee in the form of a credit card guarantee, down payment or similar from the guest upon conclusion of the contract. The amount of the advance payment and the payment dates can be agreed in writing in the contract.

In justified cases, eg. B. Payment arrears of the guest or extension of the contract scope, the hotel is entitled, even after conclusion of the contract until the beginning of the stay an advance payment or security in the sense of the preceding paragraph 5 or an increase in the contract agreed advance payment or security deposit up to the full agreed remuneration demand.

The hotel is further entitled to demand from the guest at the beginning and during the stay a reasonable advance payment or security in the sense of the above paragraph 5 for existing and future claims under the contract, as far as such not already according to the above para. 5 and / or paragraph 6.

The guest can only set off an undisputed or legally established claim against a claim of the hotel.

IV. Resignation of the guest; Cancellation

The hotel grants the guest a right of withdrawal at any time. The following conditions apply:

In case of withdrawal of the guest from the booking, the hotel is entitled to reasonable compensation.

The hotel has the choice to pay damages to the guest instead of a specifically calculated compensation in the form of a lump sum compensation