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Oebisfelde | Drömling nature reserve | The Altmark region

Oebisfelde & surroundings

Many beautiful natural and cultural destinations are waiting to be discovered in our area. Pay a visit to the Autostadt in Wolfsburg or to the Drömling nature reserve. The Altmark region, too, is home to beautiful towns and sites. We wish you a nice time exploring...

Discover Oebisfelde

Oebisfelde is located directly at the border to Lower Saxony which is formed here by the river Aller, where the regions of Altmark and Magdeburger Börde meet. The Drömling nature reserve lies east and north of Oebisfelde.

Worth seeing in Oebisfelde:

  • The oldest marsh castle in Europe
  • Nicolaikirche
  • Katharinenkirche

Drömling nature reserve

A nature reserve of approximately 340 square kilometres, the Drömling is a sparsely populated lowland area at the border between Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. More than 1725 km of streams gave it the name „land of a thousand moats“. White storks, cranes and other birds brood here. Important measures of the nature reserve include the (re-)population with otters, beavers and corn crakes. Many touristic activities like hiking, cycling, horseback riding, or carriage rides are available. For further information, please visit the information center in Oebisfelde or go to

The Altmark region

The Altmark region has a lot to offer: wide, open sceneries of an austere beauty, a cultural heritage unsurpassed in its diversity, a rarely found density of ecclesiastical and secular monuments. Despite Theodor Fontane praising the medieval flair of Salzwedel and Stendal, Gardelegen and Tangermünde already in 1859, the flat Altmark region in the north of Saxony-Anhalt is still a well-kept secret. Source: www.sachsen-anhalt-tourismus